Brand introduction

Taizhou Baoqian Electromechanical Co., Ltd.

Since the establishment of Taizhou Baogan Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. in 2007, in order to meet the development trend of the world machinery industry and the growing rigid demand for product quality in China, Baogan has been constantly studying hard and breaking through itself in R & D, production, sales and management. The company from the leadership to the grassroots employees are working together to operate production. Taking the Japanese lean production model as a model, this paper makes an objective analysis of its own industry through SWOT and PESTEL thinking models, defines the company's positioning in the macro environment, learns modestly from leading enterprises in the industry, continuously absorbs knowledge and accumulates experience, and only provides good products and services in return for every customer who chooses Baogan.

The company mainly manufactures and operates two major power machinery products: silent oil-free machine (also known as compressor, used in medical, beauty, automation equipment, environmental protection and other fields, is one of the pioneers in the same industry in China) and various types of special cylinder for garden machinery. Whether it is die casting, machining or surface treatment, Baogan has a complete and mature industrial system and is one of the few manufacturing suppliers in the same industry in China who can optimize products in various details according to the actual needs of customers to meet customization.

In a serious and responsible attitude towards each product, all product production processes strictly follow the ISO9001 quality system, and each testing link is equipped with corresponding domestic testing equipment to control quality. At the same time, we attach importance to employee training, and every Baogan employee will receive corresponding induction training before joining the job. The continuous improvement of the salary mechanism within the company also provides challenges and opportunities for every Baogan employee to realize his own life value. We sincerely welcome all aspiring and talented people to join Baogan's big family!


Qualification Certification

Utility model patent certificate-a fan cover
Utility model patent certificate-a cylinder head valve plate assembly
Utility model patent certificate-a noise reduction air compressor
Utility model patent certificate-a metal valve plate transition plate
Utility model patent certificate-a dust-proof air duct of an air compressor
Utility model patent certificate-a kind of air compressor cylinder liner

Production strength

Production strength

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